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Yearning for yard tools? Searching for a sewing machine? Looking for a ladder? Welcome to Shorewood Shed, an online community and lending site dedicated to making tools and appliances available to neighbors and friends in Shorewood, Wisconsin who need them, when they need them. This is also known as crowdlending. The Shorewood Shed is a virtual shed; that is, the physical items exist in various locations throughout town and are available by contacting the lender who owns an item.

We live in a consumerist society in which we’re conditioned to purchase equipment we might only need once — or once in a while. Our mission is simple: encouraging sustainability by choosing to borrow, not buy.


Using the Shed

How to use the Shed


Browse the Shed's database via the "Borrow an Item" link at the top to find an item you’d like to borrow. 

Contact the lender via Facebook Messenger or email, if listed. If you don't hear from them, post on Buy Nothing, Shorewood to get their attention, or contact us to try to do so.


If you have an item you are willing to offer for lending, submit it for review by the moderator by using the online form.

Tenets of the Shed

Tenets of the Shed

  • COVID-19 Update: It is recommended that items should be lent via porch pick-ups rather than in person, and items should be wiped with a disinfecting cloth or washed with soap, as appropriate. 

  • It is an online local inventory for the temporary community sharing of physical objects.

  • It is not a physical shed, library, or makerspace.

  • Items are meant to be lent and not rented. No money should change hands.

  • Sometimes, a lender may want the equipment to stay where it is housed but lend its use.

  • Lending is at the owner’s discretion.

  • Borrowers agree to:

    • the complete and timely return of all borrowed items in their original condition.

    • stipulations imposed by the lender, such as lending duration, usage, applicable item maintenance and care, and prerequisite education or experience prior to using the item.


Do Lend

What can be Lent

Lending doesn’t have to be limited to just household tools! Think of all the possibilities within your house and garage. Things that can be lent include: 

  • Tools, such as hand and power tools for home improvement, construction, and fine woodworking.

  • Craft items, such as sewing machines, knitting kits, die-cutters, papercraft tools, jewelry repair and embroidery kits, scrapbooking supplies, and button makers.

  • Electronic and technology items, such as scanners, printers, projectors, graphics tablets, and cameras.

  • Medical equipment, such as crutches and wheelchairs.

  • Musical instruments, such as a flugelhorn or banjo.

  • Kitchen equipment, such as food dehydrators, popcorn machines, ice cream makers, specialized blenders, cake pans, and bakeware.

  • Gardening tools, such as rakes, hedge trimmers, pruners, hand tools, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers.

  • Home tools, such as thermal cameras and leak detectors, air quality meters, infrared thermometers, energy meters, and other monitoring devices.

  • Recreation items, such as fishing rods, bird watching kits, croquet, badminton, bocce, or pickleball sets.

  • Party supplies, such as bubble, cotton candy, and karaoke machines, chocolate fountains, or boomboxes.

  • Science tools, such as digital microscopes, telescopes, light meters, and themed science kits.

  • Toys, such as puppets, board games, dolls, puzzles, and blocks.

Don't Lend

What not to Lend

Do not offer to lend anything:

  • You feel would create a danger for the borrower. Borrowers assume all responsibility and liability when borrowing an item. A conversation between lender and borrower can often determine the best course of action.

  • You might regret not getting back intact, such as something sentimental or highly valuable.

  • That is a weapon.

  • That is highly personal or adult-oriented.

  • That is living. This should probably be obvious, but please no human- or animal-trafficking. (If Shorewood ever approves local chickens or goats, we can amend this rule.)


Benefits of Crowdlending

Benefits of Crowdlending
  • Protects the environment. Sharing tools reduces the number of new tools that need to be made and sold each year. In turn, this saves the energy and natural resources that would be used to produce them. 

  • Builds community. Belonging gives you a chance to get to know your neighbors. You can discuss your projects together, help each other out, and possibly form lasting friendships.

  • Saves money and space. The decentralized model means you don’t have to pay the cost to buy or find the room for specialized items. It also allows you to try an item you might have been thinking of buying.

Questions and Feedback


Please do NOT use this form to request an item; please BROWSE the Shed's database and look to see if someone has the item you want and then contact that person. If you don't see any item in the list, we do not have it but we can add it to the wish list. This form is for questions and feedback. We welcome inquires from other communities who are interested in starting their own version of the Shed!

Thanks for submitting!

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